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Veteran of the Ardennes Francis Dipietro

Veteran of the Ardennes

Francis Dipietro

Published June 8th 2006
ISBN : 9780595843848
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 About the Book 

Out of a war which caused over 50,000,000 deaths comes the story of a dedicated life. Meet Francis Charles DiPietro, a young man from Cambridge, Massachusetts who is called from his education at Harvard University to serve his country in the most decisive hour of World War II. Like his father before him, who was a veteran of the Great War, Frank finds himself balancing his new regime with his loyal desire to maintain regular communications with his family. The letters in this book are a heretofore unpublished piece of American history, filled with valuable details concerning the day-to-day life of a front line infantry soldier. Having proven himself a sharpshooter in basic training, once in Europe Frank becomes part of the renowned 83rd Thunderbolt Division, one of the most successful and experienced divisions the army has ever seen. After the grueling winter trial in the Ardennes forest and Battle of the Bulge, Frank and the 83rd become the first American division to reach the Rhine river in Germany, quickly advancing 215 miles to the Elbe, capturing 24,000 German soldiers and liberating over 75,000 Allies as they help deliver the blow to German forces which ends the war in Europe.