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The Silent Striker Pete Kalu

The Silent Striker

Pete Kalu

ISBN : 9781908446336
200 pages
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 About the Book 

Marcus is the best player on his soccer team—a graceful, fluid force who can dominate the pitch. He’s good enough, in fact, that there are rumblings that he is being scouted by Manchester United and could be playing for them as early as next year.A brilliantly realized young adult novel, The Silent Striker is moving, funny, and uplifting by turns as it tells the story of what happens when Marcus starts to lose his hearing—and with it, it seems, his whole world. Troubled by his developing disability, Marcus finds himself unable to concentrate on the game and increasingly isolated from his friends and family—but is that isolation real, or is it the result of his own behavior? As he confronts not only his hearing loss, but the problems with his family, friends, and girlfriend that arrive in its wake, Marcus grows to understand that in life as in soccer, accepting the help of others is essential—and is ultimately the key to accepting your own self.